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Excellent Fragrance Oil.

I bought this FO because it was and still is a popular FO for my family and customers. Works great in CP soaps and M&P soap base. This time around I added Blueberry FO to create a berrylicious scent. What a great idea. I use 3 parts Blueberry FO, 2 parts Pepperberry FO. Wow, it was like WOW. It was a favorite. Alone this FO sold out ASAP! Yes, I will buy this again and again.

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So much better in cp soap

I had a small bottle of this sitting around for years. OOB it wasn't a bad scent, just kinda weird. Last winter I finally used it in a soap. It smelled... better when I poured it in my cp batter. When I unmolded it and cut it, it again smelled better than before. After a 6 week cure... wow, one of my favorites ever. The scent so hard to describe, it doesn't smell really like the scent notes but ends up as this warm, comforting scent that no one can really put their finger on as to how to describe it. If you're looking for a "cosy slippers" type of scent during winter months, go for this one.

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Wow! Just Wow!

Who knew that a top note of Black Pepper would smell so amazing? I sat around for a few months, hemming and hawing on whether I wanted to order this or not. Now way am I keeping this in my "seasonal" section on my website. It's just everything wonderful rolled up in one amazing, complex scent. My customers are going nuts over this one!!!

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Amazing Scent!

Pepperberry smells amazing! It is one of my favorites!

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RosieMae's Soap

This fragrance is a warm and exotic scent, you get the spices and hint of floral, then the warm vanilla rounds it out. Huge hit with both me and my customers!