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Michelle B
Best peppermint ever

Echoing the enthusiasm of other reviewers, this is the sweetest, purest, finest peppermint I have ever smelled. The other peppermint EOs I've purchased from various supplies are much more menthol-y (a second distill apparently). I love the clean sweetness of this 1st distill peppermint. I will purchase this again, although a little goes a long way....

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Trace Acceleration

I've used this in cold process soap twice. The first time was a year ago when I first started. I used Anne Marie's tomato sauce soap recipe that called for peppermint. I thought I did something wrong and chalked it up to being a newbie. I just tried again and the batch siezed up again. It's got to be the EO. Works great for other things than cold process soap, thou. Great Smell.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That's strange, in our tests and recipes we've never found the Peppermint Essential Oil, 1st Distill to accelerate trace or seize. There can be other reasons for acceleration, like your additives or temperature being used. Find out more in our Soapy Mess-Up Quick Guide.

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Smells just like peppermint candy! Super sweet, and not too overpowering. So in love with this. Will buy over and over again :)

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I LOVE this peppermint!!! It is sweeter than the 2nd distill and more like a candy cane. This peppermint 1st distill is amazing by itself in lip balm. In soap I like to mix it 50/50 with spearmint. It also works great by itself in soap, but it's a little to blah for me (personal preference). In lotion I like to mix equal parts of peppermint, lavender, and tea tree. That trio is awesome for soothing itchy bug bites or rashes - I call it my itch potion lotion.


Quality is excellent, smells crisp and wonderful, and works great in cold process soap. Had a lot of fun making candy cane colored soaps for Christmas :) I also use it in essential oil blends and it does well.