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Trace Acceleration

I've used this in cold process soap twice. The first time was a year ago when I first started. I used Anne Marie's tomato sauce soap recipe that called for peppermint. I thought I did something wrong and chalked it up to being a newbie. I just tried again and the batch siezed up again. It's got to be the EO. Works great for other things than cold process soap, thou. Great Smell.

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Smells just like peppermint candy! Super sweet, and not too overpowering. So in love with this. Will buy over and over again :)

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I LOVE this peppermint!!! It is sweeter than the 2nd distill and more like a candy cane. This peppermint 1st distill is amazing by itself in lip balm. In soap I like to mix it 50/50 with spearmint. It also works great by itself in soap, but it's a little to blah for me (personal preference). In lotion I like to mix equal parts of peppermint, lavender, and tea tree. That trio is awesome for soothing itchy bug bites or rashes - I call it my itch potion lotion.


Quality is excellent, smells crisp and wonderful, and works great in cold process soap. Had a lot of fun making candy cane colored soaps for Christmas :) I also use it in essential oil blends and it does well.

Love it

I've used this in multiple CP soaps (and HP soap), and I adore it. It smells delicious, and I love the way it wakes up my skin in the shower. The first and second times I use a peppermint bar of soap in the shower, my skin always has a happy tingly feeling. The scent holds up well in soap.