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Customers Favorite!

This sells off the charts! I love this powerful scent! When I mail them customers they say it smells like they are getting candy in the mail! I use this with melt and pour goats milk base, and blends wonderfully!! A little goes a long way!! Definitely will keep buying this one! Thank you Bramble Berry for making this one!!

Stephanie M
One of my favorites!

I use essential oils in my products both because I like to be more natural and because my sensitive skin reacts to fragrance oils. The 2nd distill peppermint is one of my favorites! I use it in soaps and scrubs mostly. I find it is very versatile when it comes to be lending and goes well with many different scents.

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Just what you are looking for!

This smells GREAT, just a little sweet and very minty!

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Highly recommended

Brambleberry's peppermint 2nd distillation is my favorite mint EO of all the ones I've tried. Great candy cane minty scent, but not overly sweet. I've used it in many batches of CP soap with great results.

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Incomplete Information

Why is this Essential Oil not listed on your Fragrance Calculator? It sure would be nice for beginners like me if you would include EVERY oil you sell on the Fragrance Calculator!!!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tom! We try to add every single essential and fragrance oil to our calculator. Thanks for letting us know this essential oil is currently not on the calculator, we will work to get that added! When in doubt, this blog post has all the general usage rates for a wide variety of projects!