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Easy to use broad-spectrum preservative

Phenonip is one of my favorite preservatives to use in lotion. It is very beginner friendly and if used at the right percentage (.5-1%) it will inhibit microbial growth. If you are looking for a paraben-free preservative, Optiphen is a good one but it is more finicky. Phenonip, like many ingredients for lotion making, does naturally have a light scent.

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New to lotion making

I purchased the lotion making kit that included Phenonip. Created my 1st lotion using calendula infused sunflower oil and aloe vera for a “summer” lotion. Thought it was a little “heavy” but absorbed into my skin well with no greasy feel. Although the bottle of Phenonip has a “lotion” like aroma, (not unpleasant at all) there was no residual phenonip aroma after adding BB pink grapefruit fragrance. Gave some to my co-workers, who loved it, so made my second batch for them today. I see the new lotion kit now contains optiphen. I’m confused…the product information on optiphen states it’s for an oil based solution, not necessarily for a water based lotion, but optiphen ND is for a water based lotion. BB, can you explain?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Optiphen ND would only be used for products that are almost completely water like a toner or spray perfume recipe. The Optiphen would be used for any recipes that just contain oils or that contain a combination of oils and water, like lotion.

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Many Customer Returns

I was using a premade base and decided to start making my own lotions. I never had a problem with the premade but I got into this because I like doing stuff by hand. Following SoapQ's recommendation, I used Phenonip as my preservative and followed her recipe to the letter. Unfortunately, out of the 15 bottles I've sold so far, 6 have been returned because of the lingering odor that others have reported. I would recommend to anyone selling their product to do some testing to see if it will be a problem before you start selling it. To sell something to loyal customers that is not 100% and results in returns hurt your reputation. I will be trying the other preservatives Bramble sells and hopefully there is something out there that does the job and does not mess with the texture, scent, and moisturizing properties of the lotion.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We have not noticed a lingering odor with the Phenonip especially when working with a fragranced product. Though you may prefer our Optiphen preservative which is both paraben and formaldehyde free and has even less of a noticeable odor out of bottle.

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Gladys Katherine

Hi! I need to know in which range of pH better works? and if i can to use it for my lipstick formula?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Phenonip is not lip safe for lip balms or other lip products. It will work for any product with a pH range of 3-8.

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Unpleasant Odor

It's my fault - I should have read some of the other reviews found here before purchasing. I added the lowest usage rate into a sugar scrub I was making to sell, unfortunately it overpowered the fragrance oil and gave the scrub a weird chemical/medicinal odor. I gave it 3 stars because I'm sure the scrub will be well preserved which is what it's supposed to do, I can't give anymore however because the scrub is certainly not fit to sell.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
When used at 0.5-1.0% in fragranced products we have not noticed a lingering smell from the Phenonip. If still noticing a smell you may want to check usage rate or your fragrance oil's usage to see if you can add more scent in. For another oil soluble preservative you may prefer Optiphen.