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Great Bath Bomb

I made these and loved how they looked and smelled. I had alittle problem with them crumbling but I think I needed to add more whitch hazel. I was dissapointed when I used it in my bath. It seemed the scent didn't last in the bath.

Get ready to travel to the Islands!

Made these last night and they turned out terrific! Instead of rose petals, I substituted some iridescent glitter and they really shined! The Pikake scent is out of this world! It felt like I was back in Hawaii! I followed your instructions in regards to the molds and didn’t have a problem at all. Only one didn’t want to close right, and it was due to my overfilling. So I popped it open, scooped some out and put it back together again. Its really all in how you fill them and the ‘twist’. No problem!