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PS: Absolutely NO soaping issues for me. I do soap at lower temps because I make mostly goat's milk soaps.

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A good seller

It is not my favorite, but it is a very good seller. I had no problem soaping with it, just slight acceleration, but nothing terribl

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Smells nothing like Pikake in CP soap. Biggest problem is after 2 weeks soap is still too soft in the molds. I used the same recipe I've always used and never had an issue till now.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you've had some trouble with your soap being soft. In our testing the Pikake Flower Fragrance Oil behaved well in cold process soap and should not cause any problems with setting up. Though the soap not setting up can be due to other factors like using a silicone mold. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot.

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Amazing scent, ricing and aceleration

5+ star rating for scent. Had to minus 1 for the major issues I had. I received a sample of this scent years ago and recently bought an 8 oz bottle for 8 lbs of CP soap I was making without out reading these reviews. Big mistake. I was soaping at 124. I had planned to do a simple 2 color swirl but as soon as I put the fragrance oil in, it riced and acelerated. Due to the ricing, I decided I had no choice but to use the stick blender to smooth it out. I was able to glop it into the mold but it hardened before I could do any swirls. I tried anyway but it was too solid. Praying they come out looking okay. My only consolation is that it smells amazing.

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This is a dreamy floral scent. I'm a huge fan! It reminds me a lot of Jasmine Dreams (which I love), and I like this one just a bit more! It's a beautiful scent.