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Lady MiyaJoi

This scent is the perfect fruit based scent. It's fruity without the saccharine super sweet smell; it has some bite at the end. I scented it in my CP and it's still curing, but str8 out the bottle into the mold it stayed true. I'm excited to see (smell) the end result of this great fragrance...

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Smells like pineapple candy

In cold process, it behaved very well, but the scent did change somewhat during cure. It started out smelling like fresh pineapple but has mellowed into something like a pineapple candy scent. Still very nice. I think it would be wonderful in sugar scrubs or bath bombs.

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This scent is my new obsession and it has me longing for summer! Definitely much lighter on the cilantro, as the description says. However, it is the most perfectly accurate pineapple scent. Like you just juiced a fresh pineapple that has been warming in the sun all day.

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I so love this fragrance - I can't wait to use it.

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Another Swirling Dream

Sweet! Pineapple Cilantro is well behaved in cold process soap, no discoloration, no acceleration. It's fabulous for complicated swirl techniques. I've longed for a sweet blending FO that doesn't discolor brown like Bramble Berry's wonderful array of vanilla-based scents. Try lemongrass EO + Pineapple Cilantro: Fabulous. Pineapple Cilantro is indeed light in CP soap--use more than your nose tells you that you need--and then, it pops!