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pink Himalayan Salt

I love this Salt in the Pretty in Pink soap recipe. It is one of my best sellers. I find it to be a gentle exfoliant. It’s great as a scrub with Rosehip Seed oil too.


This pink sea salt is so pretty! I made a scrub with it and it turned out nicely, however I have to agree it was very course. I think I will stick with sugar when making scrubs. It is nice to make bath salts with though, and makes a pretty gift!

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Very pretty salts but...

These are gorgeous salts. I wish I could find a use for them, maybe they would be good to cook with? Or maybe bath salts. Initially I received them and thought how great they would be in this or that... First thing I did with them was to do a project from the BB blog; CP soap with the pink salt. IMO its not a good idea to use this salt in soaps simply because like the other reviewers said its way too coarse for soap. I used a bar that had some in it (not much just a bit) and it gouged scrape marks into my arm, (OWIE!) it is NOT a good ingredient for soaping. Not to ding the quality of this product just that it isn't good for soap.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Delinda! We've found this salt creates gentle exfoliation, as seen in this Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process Tutorial. You can also use it in a lot of other recipes, such as these Bath Truffles or Show Your Love: Pink Salt Foot Scrub. Because all our products are processed in a warehouse that isn't set up for food safety, we recommend using our products only for cosmetics, not for cooking. I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this issue!

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Pink Salt Energy Bars

I made beautiful Salt Bars with this. I went with adding the salt at a 50% rate of my oil content. I used individual daisy cup cake molds and I did sprinkle the course salt on top. Also, I used the Energy FO, Soaped beautifully. I even had enough time to put ultramarine Pink in half the batter and titanium dioxide in the other half. Love Love Love the look. Makes a creamy and moisturizing bar.