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Liquid Soap

Would you need to use a water soluble when adding essential oils to liquid soap?

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Works great & nicely priced

I use this to incorporate EO's & FO's into my made from scratch liquid soap. Works great, keeps the soap clear. BB has the best price I've found on Poly 20.

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remained milky

Love the idea of mixing this w/EO's for a room spray, but both times, I couldn't get this anywhere near clear. It always remained cloudy/milky. Regardless, how much I added after matching portions of EO to Poly 20. Although, I believe this is common. It did mix well

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Cloudy body spray

I recently tried to make a body spray using a 1:1 ratio as suggested. My body spray was cloudy. I've tried it several different ways with the same result. I used alcohol. I used witch hazel and I used just plain distilled water. I tried using more and less poly 20...all cloudy, some even seperated. What am I doing wrong???

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lisa! The trick to using the Polysorbate 20 is you add it to the oils first then keep adding until the mixture is clear, though it can be a bit cloudy still. Depending on the fragrance you're using the mixture may never go perfectly clear. A great trick to cover this is using something like our Brushed Aluminum spray bottles! See an example in our Springtime Room Spray tutorial.

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Great price and quick to ship!

I've been thinking about making body sprays for years now and have made some with just the water, alcohol and FO/EO's. That means shaking every time I used it. I just got sick of doing that so gave up. I'm so happy to have found the missing piece thanks to the Soap Queen blog!