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The smell

I ordered this product and it works great as far as emulsifying the micas in my Bombs however I noticed a strange smell once the bomb was placed in the water and had dissolved. I'm not sure if it didn't mix well with the lemongrass and clary sage fragrance but it isn't a pleasant smell. Didn't have this issue with other fra

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Michelle B
Essential for Bath Truffles

I have found a lot of uses for this product, but found it most useful in Bath Truffles. Polysorbate 80 causes the oils in the truffle to disperse in the bath water instead of float on top, making for a better bath experience, IMO. Also, I like to color my bath truffles with micas and in my experience it helps avoid a mica ring in the bath tub. Anyway, great stuff.

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Not bad

Product has a very overpowering smell to it, but does what it is meant to do.

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Great additive

I love this product for bath bombs, especially to ensure that my products are a better quality. Great price and delivery turnaround.

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Michael G
Bottle Not Full, No safety cap on bottle

Hello! This was my first time buying with this company after hearing great things. I really hate to ever write anything bad or negative about any smaller company, but I just had to share. Reviewed both products so people are aware of how they come. I ordered this and Sodium Lactate, both of which came the same way. I ordered the 24 oz size which came about 3/4 of the way full in the bottle. The box that it came in had a oil/water stain at the bottom. Not sure if it was from this or the other product leaking out. Also, there was no safety cap and was not properly sealed. When opening the bottle, you can touch/see the liquid, as opposed to other companies having a plastic safety cap sealed on the top of the bottle (although I hate to use plastic, it does protect again the elements). I was not very happy with my order. I am hesitant to use this product (or the other) now because I don't know how/if it was stored properly (given the condition).