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Yummy and sophisticated scent but accelerated trace

I used this scent in a half and half CP bar; half pomegranate, half mint. I soaped slightly warmer than usual, split the batch in half for colorants and scents. The pomegranate half accelerated very quickly. I always use a whisk for any additives. I intended to complete a mantra swirl for this batch, but was forced to modify and quit early because my pom half was at such a thick trace. I barely got the leftovers into a waiting mold before it was too thick to work with. In the end, the loaf doesn't have a pretty pattern, but smells great as it cures. The scent is sweet (but not cloying), tart and a refreshing complement to the Moroccan Mint FO. It's strong, so definitely err to the light side when calculating the amount needed. 3 stars due to unexpected accelerated trace. Now I know, and will plan my batches accordingly.

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This scent is one of my favorites. It behaves very well in CP. and it holds.

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Love, love, love.

I must say brambleberry, I am in love with this fragrance oil. I recent formulated a body butter with coffee also with a coffee sugar scrub and I must say its a hit! Everyone loves not only the body butter, but the smell. I mixed it with the hazelnut toffee and the smell is just amazing. It was just a fluke, trying to find the perfect match for the coffee butter since coffee smells burnt. And who would have known? It smells like a nice latte

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love it!

Very bright and refreshing! Not too sweet and perfectly juicy. I use another BB FO to make one of my signature soy candles.

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Sophisticated Scent

I used this in my Soy Wax Candle, and they turned out so well! Not to sweet, and not too perfume-y. Our house smells like an expensive perfume. Its pleasant scent lingers even after burning the candles. Love it!