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Potassium Cocoate

I add this to my lotion at 5%. Love this, so do my customers. Lotion gets absorbed quickly without an oily or greasy feeling remaining on the skin. Thanks Brambleberry!

Paste or Diluted?

I agree with the others who think the use of "surfactant" in the discription is misleading. Question: When I make potassium cocoate, I dilute the paste at a rate of 40% soap to 60% water. My question is, is this a liquid soap paste or is it diluted? If diluted, what is the % of soap to water? In addition to the glycerin as by-product of saponification, is more glycerin added as part of the dillution liquid? I only gave 3 stars -- not knowing whether I'm buying the paste or diluted LS. Thanks!

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Not what I thought

I thought this was simply a surfactant, something I could add to my liquid soaps to add lather. I did not realize this in itself is soap. I think your description needs to be updated or changed to label this as a base. Now that I know I can still use it just in a different way.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Potassium Cocoate is a natural liquid surfactant ad not a soap base that can be used on its own. It is made with 100% coconut oil so it would be way too harsh on the skin if used alone. It is meant to be added to liquid soaps, shampoos and scrubs to add in cleansing properties / lather. It is not meant for use above 35% in recipes.

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Eelisha Koskela
no lather

Usually use SLS this was no comparison, no lather at all.

Nice product...!

Can I use it as a Laundry detergent?