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makes great LS & dual lye soap

This lye makes great LS and dual lye soap. I love that they give the purity!

Works great

This is my second purchase of this for making liquid soap and it always works very well. TIP: learn from my mistake: with liquid soap you should choose 0% superfat or you will have a white layer on top that does not mix into your liquid soap. I used 0% after that and it worked perfectly every time with Brambleberry's lye calculator.

fatma khamis

2 pounds km equals grams؟؟

Verified Purchase

This will be my 2 nd order of this product! I didn't do so will with my 1st batch. But that's how I learn. The what I did wrong ? After my 2nd batch and did a little research (we all should) I did c/p for almost 4 years now and have been doing well. So I wanted to give it a try and yes they do have recipes for wonderful results . When baking cookies you don't always get it right the 1st time .my customers love the liquid soap I am now proud to put up for sale .My family loves them too .figuring out the nuteralizing was hard for me at 1st .salt doesn't work for me I have found by not adding tp much water in the 1st place is better than trying to thicken later. And yes I use a pH tester.just to be on the safe side.Thank you BB!

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90% vs 97%

I couldn't find the purity % on the website or the container either so I assumed it was 90%. When entering a recipe into a calculator, I used "90%" pure. I'm wondering if my recipes have been affected. Brambleberry please put the purity % of KOH on your website.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Leigh! Our Potassium Hydroxide is 97% pure. I'm worried if you calculated your recipe based on 90% purity that it is now lye heavy. You may wish to use our lye calculator in the future which has been calibrated to work with our products specifically. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!