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Mermaid Ombré soap kit

This was a fun project and also my first attempt at making soap. For the most part it went well. There was enough of each ingredient in the kit and I love the silicone mold. The problem I had with the layers was that the soap kept getting too thick while I was waiting for the previous layer to harden enough. One of my layers turned out to be a clump of thick soap in the middle that I could not spread. Also the clear glittery layer separated from the other layers while Unmolding

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Exactly what I needed!

The second I saw this item, I knew I had to have order it to dispense my homemade dry shampoo. I am really in love with the application, the only con is the tiny extra amount that falls out from opening when not in use but it is very minimal. I will be ordering boxes more! Thank you BB

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It works!

I bought this little gadget thinking if it worked it would be good for dusting between layers to achieve pencil lines. It definitely works, but you need to put quite a bit of colorant to get it to spray consistently. If you only put a small amount in it does not work as well.

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Awesome spray

I have been using a fine mesh strainer for mica on top of my CP soaps. These sprayers are amazing to spray anything that may not be imbeds that stand up. They spray nice and even if you push 'consistant' and gentle, if you want a splash of color, push firm and fast and it will burst the color on the area. I bought 10 of these, and love having my mica's already to use.

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This looked really cool, and I was getting some coconut milk powder, so I bought it. For some reason though, it doesnt work. Is it a problem with the CMP? I read good things about this so I dont want to ruin the reviews because it can be my problem.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Powder Sprayer is more meant for powdered colorants that don't tend to clump up. The Coconut Milk Powder does have a tendency to clump so it cannot really be used effectively with the sprayer without clogging it.