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great product

we have a small farm that includes our own milk goats. I ran out of milk right after they had babies as the little guys needed it all. I ordered this product, used it, and LOVED IT. If you cant get milk from your own goat this is the next best thing. Keeps easier then fresh milk. Blends easy any preforms very well. I have started using it WITH my own milk to consentrate the milk bennifits and WOW Buying more ASAP

Goat milk

How much goat milk powder be use in cp soap. I have used fresh goat milk but would like to try the powder.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We recommend first mixing 1 oz Powdered Goat milk to 8 oz warm water to turn it into the milk. You would then use the same amount of that rehydrated goats milk as the Liquid amount in your recipe. Though you would first want to freeze the milk before adding your lye to it. You can also make a slurry with the powder and try adding it in at trace. With that method I would recommend starting with about 1 tbsp of the powder per pound of cold process soap. Find out more information in our How to Add Lye to Milk for Cold Process Soap blog post.

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Great Product

I love this goat milk powder, and it is so convenient. I keep hearing that you cannot keep the goat milk powder for more than two months, but I have kept it longer by keeping the bagged goat milk powder in the freezer. It does not stick together, and it keeps well. I also keep some storage bags of pre-made goat milk ice cubes. Must use fresh freezer bags.

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I love this in my family's bathes and in the CP soap I made with it. My question is can you also drink it?

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Goats Milk in Sugar Scrubs?

I would love to add this goats milk to my sugar scrubs however I'm concerned about it going rancid. Do I need a preservative if no water is in the scrub?