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Bring back the old version

This is more like a flour than an exfoliate. I make face wash for my husband and me and we both agree we like the older version better which had more abrasive scrubbing power.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Maria! I'm sorry you were disappointed in the exfoliation with this product. We love the Pumice, though it is a pretty gentle exfoliant - it even adds a little silkiness to soap. If you're looking for a rougher exfoliant you may like Cranberry Seeds, Walnut Shells, or Ground Pumpkin Seeds.

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Way too fine

Got the for a gardener soap and it offered no exfoliation whatsoever, even after more than doubling the suggested usage... glad I put some strawberry seeds in it!

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A bit too fine

I tried this pumice in a foot scrub for the first time, and didn't feel that it was course enough to provide good exfoliation. It would be nice to see a similar product that is a bit courser.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry this exfoliant was too fine for you. We love Pumice and the gentle exfoliation it provides. For a coarser exfoliant you may like Cranberry Seeds or the Shredded Loofah. Check out our Cranberry Seed Foot Scrub tutorial for some inspiration!

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Mariel Paz
love it!!!

i make scrubs and love it...but i have a question ...can i make soap with this ¿? not to sure ....if is safe ..what amount will you recomend used?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mariel! I'm so glad you love our Pumice! You can definitely use it in a soap. How much you add depends on how exfoliating you want your soap to be. I would recommend starting with 1 tbsp of Pumice per pound of soap for a gentle feel. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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Simply amazing!!

This powder does a very good job of exfoliating and evening out dull/dry skin, yet it doesn't feel rough or scratchy during the scrubbing. I made several different products when my Bramble Berry order arrived, and on my way into the shower, I mistook a hard core foot scrub for my gentle facial scrub. (No, really!) This pumice powder was actually smooth enough that it didn't hurt my face or neck. It's literally strong *and* soft enough to use from head to toe! Please, PLEASE never stop carrying it!!!!