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Love pumice!

I see lots of folks disappointed that this product isn't scrubby enough. Pumice isn't like some of the larger particle defoliants, but it is really effective on grease! LAVA soap is a commercial bar with pumice and if you have used it, you will have an idea of what to expect. This isn't going to be a dead skin remover, but rather with get grime out of cracks and crevices like nobody's business!

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Too fine

I read the reviews on every product before I buy and for some reason I didn't on this one.. Maybe I figured it was just pumice so didn't bother. The whole purpose of pumice, I thought anyway, was a scrubby sand type texture that cleans your hands after working on a car or in the garden right? This pumice feels like baking soda.. I'm not saying it's just not that gritty, I mean it feels like baking soda. Completely worthless for what I bought it for, and I bought 1lb of it.. I will trying adding a whole bunch to a body soap recipe, maybe I will feel something.. I bought 1oz tester bags in all other Exfoliants to try, but this one I thought I was getting pumice like what is in every other soap product.. :(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Pumice is definitely more of a gentle exfoliant. If you're looking for something grittier you may prefer Walnut Shells or Cranberry Seeds. Find out more about our different options in our All About Exfoliants blog post.

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Should have heeded the reviews

Definitely not what I was expecting from pumice. I can feel just the slightest grit when rubbing between my fingers, but otherwise it's very soft and fine. I was looking for something a little more aggressive than this for a super-scrubby soap. It's good for a very, very mild exfoliation if you have sensitive skin.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry this product wasn't what you were expecting. You're right, our pumice is a more mild exfoliant and is best for more gentle formulas. If you're looking for more aggressive exfoliants, I would recommend either the Walnut Shells (medium) or Cranberry Seeds (large). Learn more about the different exfoliants in our All About Exfoliants blog post.

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K. Eidson
Very disappointing

Unfortunately, this is not what I needed or expected when I ordered pumice. It is in no way gritty or abrasive. I added 1/3c. per pound of soap and it offers no exfoliation at all =(

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi there! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. We love the gentle exfoliation our pumice provides, though it is a pretty fine powder unlike the abrasiveness of a pumice stone. For a more noticeable exfoliant you may prefer the Shredded Loofah or Walnut Shells. We used the pumice with poppy seeds to bump up the exfoliation in our Pumice & Poppy Seed Melt and Pour Tutorial.

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Bring back the old version

This is more like a flour than an exfoliate. I make face wash for my husband and me and we both agree we like the older version better which had more abrasive scrubbing power.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Maria! I'm sorry you were disappointed in the exfoliation with this product. We love the Pumice, though it is a pretty gentle exfoliant - it even adds a little silkiness to soap. If you're looking for a rougher exfoliant you may like Cranberry Seeds, Walnut Shells, or Ground Pumpkin Seeds.