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I love it!

Got this one as a sample and loved it! Great pumpkin smell but not too strong. Smells like pumpkin pie and the holidays. I already used in some body washes for Christmas gifts and I just love it, I hope everyone that receives does too! I haven't had a chance to soap with it but I am sure it's wonderful!

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Great untraditional pumpkin

The nutty smell was right oob, then the pumpkin-y and coffees then the caramel finish. This is awesome in my body butter recipe topped off with a marshmallow fo. Cannot wait to soap with this!

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Disappointing in CP soap

I fell in love with this in the bottle and it does well in candles but in CP soap it smells like nothing, not even a hint of something.. I even plugged in the fragrance calculator just to be sure. I still have another week for the soap to cure, but giving up on anything changing at this point. Sad as it was a 5 lb batch, grateful that I didn't attempt a larger batch. Four stars because it has pretty good throw in candles, otherwise I would give two :(

Pumpkin souffle plus spice

I, too, received a sample of this FO in an order. I thought it was too sweet for my taste since I don't like strong vanilla scents. But I wanted to make a holiday soap for Thanksgiving so I used the entire sample plus some clove EO to spice it up. WOW! All my friends and family LOVE this scent! It's a keeper for my holiday creations.


I had placed a few orders when they were giving this one as free samples. When i got my first sample i was like cool! I didnt like the smell oob. I thought it was weird. Then i got like 4-5 more packages from BB and each had a souffle sample. I thought, "great", what im i gonna do with these stinkys. Then i had to wait for them to send me a replacement mold i never recieved and what came along with the mold? Yep ANOTHER souffle but this one was twice the size! I just laughed my head off with my bf. But then i made a birthday cake shave soap and added a touch of this fo and WOW! It smells completely different after it cuts. NEVER will i judge another fo from oob again! Just a hint of it can make a difference. Lets say I ended up putting a tiny bit 1-2g in most soaps and it has the softest undertone that makes all the scents warm. I put some in my lemon poppy creme soaps, spiced copper soap has some, used up the last of them, even blackberry sage soaps! loved it overall NOT A STINKY! LOL