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Not the OLD pumpkin spice

This formulation is not the same as the old one. Not nearly as spicy, and more of a pumpkin pie scent. Smell like a bakery cookie scent now.

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Not just for fall!!

I bought this last year for my fall soap line, made the soap with the pumpkin in it, (from Ann-Marie's 1st book), loved it so much, that I made some soy candles to compliment the soap. I was sold out of everything in three days with this scent. Its now spring, & I just had a customer drive for over an hour (one way) to see if I had made this soap again. I had noted that it was a limited edition for fall, but since she's about the 20th customer that has almost begged for more of it, I am thinking of adding it to my line year round! Since I had pumpkin in my soap, I had planned for the dark color & had no issues with this one in that recipe. I also had several customers say they were not "washing" with this soap, they kept out in their best soap dish because it made the room smell so good...I think that's about as good as it gets.

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My Favorite!

This FO soaped up beautifully. The smell is amazing! I cannot wait to share the bars with everyone at Christmas. I'll definitely purchase this one again, except in a larger bottle.

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Pumpkin Mocha

I used this FO last year and everyone loved it. But, wanting to do something a little different this year, I blended it with Chocolate Espresso. It was a big hit ... just wanted to share. I get so many great ideas from other soapers!

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Strong and spicy

Pumpkin Spice smells like just what it says on the bottle - a strong mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg and other holiday standbys. Also mixes well with vanilla FO for more of a "pie" scent.