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Finally a nice pumpkin

This is the ONLY pumpkin fragrance I will use. I have tried so many and they all smell disgusting to me. This isn't too sweet or cloying at all and still has a beautiful, Fall feel. Can't wait to use it - thanks, Brambleberry!

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Anna Joy
Pumpkin Soap

I've been soaping for over 5 years, and I just recently made 4 batches of soap with pureed pumpkin First ime I've gotten a gel ring after thousands of batches. Will it eventually fade as the soap gets darker?

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Great scent

This smells spot on like pumpkin with a kick of spice. It riced and seperated but I would not let it fail...I just kept mixing, put it in the mold and even ended up mixing it in the mold, it turned out really nice and I sold out of all of it, it smelled SO GOOD that my 24 year old step son asked if he could taste it, I said NO, lol.

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Works For Me

I have used Pumpkin Spice for quite a while, now. I blend it 2 parts to 1 part Chai Tea Cybilla, at 4% total, and use it with a slow-moving recipe at 85-90 degrees. I have plenty of time to do a 3-color drop and hanger swirl. It then sets up quickly, which is perfect for supporting my piled-up top, and I can unmold next day in spite of my slow-moving recipe. I always temper my FOs before adding to the batter. This slows acceleration, and gives me a nice window to get done what I need to get done. Love the fragrance, and it is a big hit with everyone.

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good smell but beware

It smells positively wickedly good in the bottle. Once in the soap it’s a bit stronger and the cinnamon scent comes through stronger. However I will admit It may be because it accelerated so fast I couldn’t get it in the mold. Literally had it to a thin trace (should have just emulsified) then added my two colors and added scent and I couldn’t get it all mixed in before it had set up to hard. Plopping it in the mold I couldn’t even get air pockets out. Within 3 hours it was hard so I pulled it out (still very warm) and cut it up and rebatched it to save it from looking like Swiss cheese. I added some extra liquids which made it more fluid/pourable and have been told it smells good just ugly as sin. The cinnamon may not seem as strong if it hadn’t been reheated to rebatch I don’t know but I was sad to not have the hanger swirl i had planned. May try again since I got a 2 oz bottle however I’m not in any hurry!!!