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My best seller

I use this in M&P it is perfect. I've sold hundreds of them. It smells so much like honey not to sweet. I highly recommend this product.

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Wonderful honey aroma and color

I just made my second batch of cp soap with this fragrance .It soaps like a dream and smell heavenly! A definite keeper !!

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Smells like honey with hints of amber. Warm and sweet without being overly sweet. This is a good "base" fragrance.

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I've made 3 batches of CP soap using this FO and I adore it! It is true that it is a little not-true-to-scent straight out of the bottle, but in CP soap it does indeed smell like sweet honey. I have found that it does fade a little, so use the maximum amount called for in a recipe, and I have also found that it helps to anchor it with a complementary FO. I like to use Cybilla Almond. Everyone LOVES this FO combo!

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Let me update this review

When I first got this oil a while ago I hated it, i thought it just smelled bad. I didn't throw it out, instead i finally made some soap and mixed it with an oatmeal fragrance and a small sample of almond and it made a wonderful smelling soap. Still not my favorite, but it turned out really well, and my family all loves the way it smells. So I will purchase this again. don't judge it out of bottle just soap with it maybe mix it with another fo. Also it kinda fades or settles down once in soap, it is not as strong which i like.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amanda! I'm sorry you were let down by this fragrance. We love the sweet and rich smell of the Pure Honey Fragrance Oil and find it to be very realistic! Though, it is quite strong out of the bottle. I would recommend making small test batch of product scented with the Pure Honey as it mellows out quite a bit once diluted. If you're looking for other honey scents you may like Honey Beeswax Fragrance Oil, Wildflower Honey Fragrance Oil, or Saffron and Honey Fragrance Oil.

Update: I'm so glad to hear you are liking this scent better and were able to make some wonderful smelling soap with our Pure Honey Fragrance Oil in the blend :-)