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A must have!!!!

Got this book and Soap Crafting book 3 weeks ago and I am like a kid in a Candy Store. Excellent reference for making Natural Soaps. Directions are very clear and the vivid pictures make it so very easy to follow. What would we amateurs have done without you Anne-Marie???? --Thank you.

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This book is great for begginers!

I've never made soap, so I really appreciate the detailed information in here.


I pre-purchased Pure Soapmaking and it is my first (tangible) soaping book for my library. The directions are clear, easy to follow, broken down explicitly, and simply amazing. Anne-Marie's recipes have inspired 3 new batches for me, none following her recipes exactly (changes in scent, oil mixes, etc) that are simply beautiful. I feel this book is worth every cent and will continue to pay for itself for a very long time. Thank you AM, this is exactly what I needed.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Allyson! You will be able to pre-order the book all the way up until Pure Soap Making is released in February!

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Loving it

The book is magnificent so far. Loving the recipes and the turnout. My only issue is that i did the pre-order, received the swirl tool but not the other materials. Is there a way i can still recieve those. Thank You!

Great recipes, ideas, and clear instructions

I'm LOVING this book. And I think everyone else is too because I'm trying to add items featured in the book, and many are out-of-stock.