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The pics of the soaps on the description do not do this color justice. I bought this purple and used it in 2 differant soaps already using goat's milk and olive oil m&p mix. Amazing color and it didn't turn gray like the other I had got before. It met and beat my expectations and gives the soaps a sparkly velvet look. It's a keeper for sure.

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Gorgeous Purple

What's not to love about Queens Purple. It is a truly strong, rich purple that will not morph or turn gray on you. Use it alone to add some depth of color to your soap or tone it down if you want a more pastel purple. Either way, this mica will not disappoint!

Verified Purchase

I bought this as the "rainbow" color suggestion and it's absolutely stunning. Bold, beautiful, even color. Let it go through a nice gel phase and you'll have the best possible color.

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Beautiful Color

I used this in my melt and pour soaps and it is absolutely beautiful! I swirled with black and sold them immediately!

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Michelle B
Absolutely gorgeous color

The name is fitting: Queen's Purple. It is a gorgeous regal, deep (yet lively/bright) purple color, and looks exactly like what I expected. I have actually used this color for bath truffles more, although I bought it for M&P. Just a pretty pretty color.