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maybe difficult if you are new to soapmaking

I was attracted to this fragrance because it doesn't discolor. Maybe I should have been more leery, because it states in the bottle that it accelerates trace. I knew I shouldn't attempt anything difficult- not that I would anyway- and thought I'd be safe going with coconut salt bars in individual silicone cavity molds because I've been able to manage that with other fragrances. I used Brambleberry mica to make pleasant cloudy blue and grey tones and mixed it into my batter before adding the rain cybilla. Within seconds, so it seemed, the batter was stuff and thick. I was determined to plow forward with the salt and mixed it in as well as I could manage. Flipping it into the mold was the best I could do. When I took the soap out a short time later, they were not only the color of clouds, but approximating squarish cloud shapes because the soap mixture was too hard to neatly fall into place. mica

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Hannah! I'm sorry you had that experience with this fragrance oil. We love the fresh scent of our Rain Cybilla Fragrance Oil though it does accelerate trace as noted on the product page. Using an additive like salt can also make for a hard bar and thicken up trace, see an example of this in our Lavender and Rose Pink Salt Bars DIY tutorial. So the combination must have been tricky to work with! For help with this check out our blog post on How to Soap with Accelerating Fragrance Oils.

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Incredible Fragrance!

I picked this scent for my second-ever batch of CP soap. The info says that it accelerates trace, which is true, but it was so mild that even as a beginner, I had no trouble with it. I used this scent at the "medium" level given by the BB fragrance calculator, and WOW! It is *very* strong. My whole room smelled wonderful while the soaps cured, and everyone has gone crazy for the scent. This is not a petrichor type of smell, but it is a wonderful, fresh and clean smell that's not cloying or cucumber-y like many "water" fragrances. It's similar to Yankee Candle's "Ocean Water" scent.

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Rain Fragrance Oil

I am happy with the fragrance, but a very little goes a long way. STRONG scent. I used .5 per lb. in CP soap and it almost knocks me out of the room. So, the good news is you can make it last a long time. The fragrance is really nice and people definitely like it. Will buy again.

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Love this one. Reminds my of my homeland Iceland. The nature smells great here, and specially after rain. Will buy again.

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A year around favorite.

My customers often request this fragrance. Soaps beautifully