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Nice, fresh, a little sweet? Very unisex. Behaved well in CP and seems to be holding up well!

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Everyone loves this scent

Everyone loves this scent, men and women. Did not experience any bad behavior in my CP soap. Love it.

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Holy cow! can you say acceleration?
Super fast trace

So I just tried this scent a couple days ago with my CP soap. Boy was I disappointed! My batch accelerated in 2 seconds flat. Wow! This was the first time it’s happened to me and it was a little daunting. Thankfully I was able to save my batch. It looks like hot process soap but it’s saved. Cannot sell it though. I’m giving it 3 stars because it’s a nice scent. A little strong at first but as it cools and stabilizes it smells good. I think it’s better suited for lotions and other products but a little tricky when it comes to CP. That or I would have to use a totally different recipe with more soft oils. Then again, not sure if I will be buying it again.

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This is a fab scent! Oceany....airy....after the rain scent...a definite keeper!

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Great unisex & year round FO

This is a perfect unisex FO that can be used all year long. It's a bit hard for me to describe. But I would say clean, fresh & like the smell in the air after a good rain. It will accelerate some but still very workable. It does have a hot gel phase. So I put it in individual cavity molds to help dissipate some of the heat. But, the scent is so great. And it's one I use all year long.