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I love this fragrance, and have used it before with no issues. Today I made CP soap with it, and the ricing was so bad, I was just scooping it into the mold in chunks. Has the formula changed?

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No good for CP

Just don't use in CP soap. I just ruined a 5 lb batch of soap! I read some reviews saying it behaved well without acceleration or ricing, but I had a different experience. It started to rice quickly and I couldn't save about 3 lb of it. I then gave up my attempted swirl technique and threw it into some silicone molds after stirring it to a thick batter, but then it just riced up again in the molds and began separating and expanding. It made such a mess! To be fair though, this is my first failed batch and it was an impressive one at that. I would use this again for a lotion however, as the scent is very nice.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Ricing typically happens with the fragrance oil binds to the oils in your recipe. We didn't experience ricing when testing the Rain Cybilla Fragrance Oil, but if you do experience ricing, the lumps can often by stick blended out of the batter. For more information and tips for dealing with that check out our Soapy Mess-Up Quick Guide blog post.

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This is a fab scent! Oceany....airy....after the rain scent...a definite keeper!ETA: After some time I tried this today in my cp did accelerate and rice :( However, I am leaving it as a five because it is an awesome scent! I was able to save the soap but won't probably sell it. Maybe next time I will do a simple one color vs the three colors and 2 layers I was trying to do. Or I'll just do 3 layers instead and add FO to each seperately.

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Rain FO

This is one of my best sellers! It actually smells rain-like and not floral like a lot of others. Customers love it. No acceleration in CP. I'm going to try it in a soy candle.

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Nice, fresh, a little sweet? Very unisex. Behaved well in CP and seems to be holding up well!