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How do I love these? Let me count the ways.

I'm a newbie to the soaping world and I'm trying to build up my supplies. This was a perfect and economical way to get a bunch of colors to experiment with. I used the kelly green today in a sugar scrub and scented it with the bamboo fragrance. It's perfect! I can't wait to try the others out in cp soap.

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The picture on the site does not bring justice to the true color of these mica's. I too like most people wanted to sample a small portion before jumping in on a big purchase and all I can say is boy was that a mistake! Why, you may ask because these mica's are freaking beautiful and I wish I would have just bought all of these colors in a bigger size. They are just amazing and I love how they seem to add a little sparkle to my soap. I seriously highly recommend the mica's!

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Tracy Cox

I am working on some basic mp gemstone soaps with the kids. This is exactly what we needed and all of the colors came out beautifully. For us it is the best and I ordered more of the colors we use the most! So far everything I have ordered from BB has been the best compared to other sources!! Thank you!

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Good better best

I have tried several other "micas" and have been greatly disappointed, until now. Brambleberry I believe the hype. Truly awesome quality!!

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Love this Sampler!

I bought this sampler so I could try out some different rainbow colors without having to commit to large quantities of each in case I ended up not liking them. I haven't tried all of these yet but the ones I've tried I've liked pretty well. The raspberry is a pinkish red and looked very nice in my M&P soap. I used small amount of the buttercup yellow color in a cold process soap and it turned out a very pretty light yellow. I tried the Kelly green in a M&P and it really lived up to its name and was very pretty. It was a bit light for what I was trying to achieve but nice none the less. Nomenclature of the colors have stained my washcloths or even made colored bubbles. They have all worked wonderfully and I can't wait to try the other colors.