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Good better best

I have tried several other "micas" and have been greatly disappointed, until now. Brambleberry I believe the hype. Truly awesome quality!!

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Love this Sampler!

I bought this sampler so I could try out some different rainbow colors without having to commit to large quantities of each in case I ended up not liking them. I haven't tried all of these yet but the ones I've tried I've liked pretty well. The raspberry is a pinkish red and looked very nice in my M&P soap. I used small amount of the buttercup yellow color in a cold process soap and it turned out a very pretty light yellow. I tried the Kelly green in a M&P and it really lived up to its name and was very pretty. It was a bit light for what I was trying to achieve but nice none the less. Nomenclature of the colors have stained my washcloths or even made colored bubbles. They have all worked wonderfully and I can't wait to try the other colors.

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Paul M.
Great Micas!

These mica's are excellent! To answer Mabel, the colors that lather up are no cause for concern. It will rinse off easily and not stain.

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Great Sampler

I've used the yellow, orange and blue colors so far and all produced rich vibrant colors. I did notice with the blue mice that when I use this soap the water runs blue, I am not sure if this is normal. Does anybody know if this is normal. It is not staining or causing any problems

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loving it

I am absolutely loving this sample pack. Loving the bright colors they produce. I mix the merlot with 2 parts fired up fuschia to get a nice shade of red as suggested by Anne - Marie on one of her blogs. slreafy nade 3 different types of rainbow type soaps. planning more. thank you Brambleberry