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I couldn’t stop smelling!

Wow! My granddaughter and I made the salt scrub and it was FABULOUS!! The smell is out of this world! Sweet berries covered in whip cream! Ohhhh myyyy! Highly recommend and will definitely purchase more!

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AMAZING. Raspberry dessert!

As soon as I smelled this in the bottle, I said “Yes!” out loud. This is probably my favorite scent ever!! To me, it is not like raspberry jam, but more like raspberry yogurt or raspberry ice cream!! I just keep smelling this bottle, and want to drink it!! Can’t wait to soap with this and I can definitely see myself buying a big bottle of this! Thank you BB for samples!

Good But Question

I love this scent OOB but it doesn't smell very strong in the lotion I made. Any suggestions?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It could be that you're not using quite enough of the Raspberry Jam Fragrance Oil. You can try using the 'Strong' recommendation for Lotion on our Fragrance Calculator to see if you like that better.

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Amazing scent!

Yummy! Used in both CP and lotion.

Raspberry Jam!

I like this scent. It smells just how you’d imagine. In the soap it smells like a raspberry smoothie. Just as the description says, this fragrance turns very yellow when added to the soap. It completely mellows out in the finished bars and the original color comes back. I added some TD and got a very pretty pink. No acceleration at all.