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The colour that this palm oil turns your soap to is incredible! (Someone said it looked like cheese and it actually does! Maybe thats why i love it) It mixed well, no problems at all and the soap unmolded perfectly. Mixed with calendula petals the soap looks fabulous!

Verified Purchase
Good quality--and fun!

This palm oil was very smooth and consistent in the package, and it melted very nicely. Since this was my color and I didn't need to swirl or layer (I did CP with embeds), it was a good excuse to use a ricing fragrance oil. After blending down the ricing, the batter was exceptionally smooth and creamy. The color at about 20% palm is bright mustard--much more vibrant than you can get with pigments. After FOUR DAYS of cure, I have very hard, smooth, and creamy soap (did I forget "gorgeous"?). Also, since this is definitely a "specialty" oil, it should truly be sustainably sourced, so I don't have to feel guilty about buying it. Even though it's expensive, I will be buying more; maybe mixing in some red pigment and trying some intricate swirls. This is a great oil for small batches!