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All I smell is Vanilla. If I read below and realized it was 9% vanilla I would've passed. When I think of relaxing I think lavenders not vanilla. I don't smell jasmine or lavender.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Relaxing Fragrance Oil definitely has a strong vanilla note to help sweeten it. If you're looking for other lavender blends without that scent you may prefer Lavender Forest Fragrance Oil, Lavender and Herb Fragrance Oil or Lavender Bouquet Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

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Really is Relaxing!

This smells amazing!! I have to be honest, I wasn't a fan of it out of the bottle, but once I tried it in my MP soap, I fell in love! It's definitely one of my favorites. I've had customers request a calming and relaxing scent, and this is it!

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Great Fragrance

This fragrance has become one of my best sellers. I had no problems with it in my CP batches and it is great in sugar and salt scrubs. I colored half of the batch with rose mica and the other with TD and rose mica the effect in the drop swirl turned out wonderfully.

Very dark brown!

I love this scent, and when they say it discolors dark brown.... Think dark chocolate! Pretty amazing, really. The cp soap I made with it looks good enough to eat! I'm wondering, if I split a batch of soap into 2, and only scented the one container, would I end up with a dark brown swirl as it cured, or would it discolor the whole batch?

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Smells so good!

I just used this FO for the first time and I think it'll be a favorite for me. It could almost be a unisex scent. Very soft and warm with a strong vanilla. Not overly sweet though, which I prefer. No discoloration yet, the bars have been cut for about 5 hours. I'm anxious to see how dark it really gets! I didn't color my batch with anything and it was just a small cp batch of coconut, mango butter and black walnut oil. The FO behaved very well and there was no acceleration. I'm looking forward to using my tester bar!