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Smells baby soft!

Everyone in my business smelled this and fell in love. I think the other reviews are based on performance in soap. This smells great in lotion, bath bombs, and body spray. We are all hooked. We will be buying more and more.

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Great in Bath Bombs

I received this as part of the Summer Collection and used it for bath bombs. I sold them to some friends and they loved it and bought all up and asked me to get more.

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I’m very disappointed in this scent. It has an overwhelming baby powder scent. You can hardly smell anything else. Would not putchase again and do not recommend

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Relaxing Fragrance Oil is definitely more of a sweet smell with the addition of vanilla and musks. If you're looking for a more straightforward lavender scent you may prefer Lavender Fragrance Oil or Lavender Bloom Fragrance Oil.

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Its OK

I received this from the Bramble Berry's best selling fragrance set. I tried it in my CP soap, and I did not like it. It smells strange, and my soap is slowly turning brown, and has brown spots all over. I am waiting for the soap to turn completely brown, as indicated but its not completely brown. I am not sure why this is a best selling fragrance, it doesnt smell as great as other fragrances I've tried with BB.

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I did not like this fragrance oil scent from the bottle. I decided to try it and now it is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the holidays and baking. Give it a try you will love it in CP. Discolors like vanilla does. I don't add any coloring to it and than stamp it with a stamp with the Brambleberry gold mica!! Looks really good.