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Smells so good!

I just used this FO for the first time and I think it'll be a favorite for me. It could almost be a unisex scent. Very soft and warm with a strong vanilla. Not overly sweet though, which I prefer. No discoloration yet, the bars have been cut for about 5 hours. I'm anxious to see how dark it really gets! I didn't color my batch with anything and it was just a small cp batch of coconut, mango butter and black walnut oil. The FO behaved very well and there was no acceleration. I'm looking forward to using my tester bar!

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Great OOB, but Nothing in CP

My soap is about 2 weeks into cure time

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This is a favorite so far, everyone in the house uses the products with this oil before the others.

strong scent

The 3 star is because it doesn't appeal to me at all...too masculine, perhaps that's the musk. But 3 stars vs zero because, if you like this scent, it performs well in bubble bars. In fact, all the fo 's I have through BB are of superior quality. Scent is subjective. Just be wary that the musk definitely prevails in this fragrance. So much that I can taste it.

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Much Better After Use

So I decided to use this fragrance with my first ever bath salt mix. I used a kit on here, but replaced the Eucalyptus fragrance with this, and when it first came in the mail I was a little worried that it would be too strong. IT IS VERY STRONG WHEN YOU FIRST OPEN IT. But once I threw the salts into my bath water the smell really mellowed out and it is so nice! It lingers on my skin a bit, and my boyfriend really loves that he really likes this scent.