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Love it!

I've purchased the rice bran oil several times and I keep it on hand for use in my favorite soap recipe. It makes a nice moisturizing bar and produces small bubbles! Very nice!

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Excellent Oil to Replace Canola

I reformulated my favorite recipe, replacing the Canola with Rice Bran, and I cannot believe the difference. It has more of an ethereal feel; it isn't that it lacks any lather. It appears to produce roughly the same amount as the original recipe, but it is lighter on my skin and retains its texture longer. I am very impressed.

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Great Oil

This is a wonderful (and affordable oil). I use it in my bath & body oils & whipped body butters. My only complaint is there can be some debris settling at the bottom, and it's a bit darker of a golden color than oils like avocado/almond.

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Use this Oil in Soaps

I like the properties of Olive Oil but not the color it gives my batter. I always sub 50% of my OO with this Rice Bran Oil in my soaps. I can still get a lot of the same properties but without having so much green color in my soap batter. Use this Oil in almost all of my soaps. Good quality along with a good price!

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I love it

I just used a bar for the first time and it had a high percent of this oil and the soap is excellent. Don't worry about the settlement in the bottom. Shake the bottle and there will be no problems with your soap.