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Stacey G
I adore this fragrance oil!

I was so excited to find this fragrance oil and its smells exactly like the lotion I used to use. It did accelerate a bit, but I was able to do a hanger swirl and it turned out lovely! I'm back for a larger bottle as my customers love it too!

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Love it!

No riceing experienced here but everyone loves this scent. It's a bit different than the BBW scent (which I loved) but still great and a good seller for me. I used it in CP soap

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I used this in co soap and experienced no ricing. The scent did morph slightly but not enough to significantly change the fragrance. I loved the bbw version but I actually like this version better.

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Good basic scent

I have tried numerous versions of this from other suppliers and have settled on this being the best. It is soft and delicate yet seems to have more staying power than the other versions I tired. Not a best seller for me, but it does offer a nice sort of neutral scent especially when someone is giving an item as a gift and is unsure what the person likes. I have used this in CP soap with no difficulties, and the scent seemed to stay relatively unchanged for me. It also performs great in melt & Pour, lotion and body spray. All around good basic scent

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one of my favorites!

This DID cause ricing, but I used the whisk & the lumps smoothed out without any difficulty. Another trick I would recommend it to use diluted lab colors when working with this fragrance. I strongly believe they helped to thin down the trace a bit, as well as giving me another reason to whisk the you-know-what out the lumpy batter. Proof it worked? I divided the batter into 2 batches & colored one soft yellow & the other baby pink and by the time I poured them, using what I call a "sloppy 2 handed pour" there was not a lump to be seen. I will definitely be buying this again:)