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Smells Amazing!

Amazing rose petals. The smell is so strong, the whole cabinet smells like roses! They were perfect for the inside of my bath bombs!

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Very pretty!

I was surprised at how pretty, dark red these petals looked! I put them on top of my M&P soaps and am excited about how it will turn out :). Overall I thought these rose petals were very pretty and smelled decent.

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Petals are great but...

I recently purchased the rose petals, they smell delicious, the color is very beautiful, I haven't found any buds but I don't even know if I'm supposed to. I'm using the petals in cold process soap as a decoration on top, but they turn brown, do you have any advice on how to prevent the petals from turning brown????

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Great, but...

When I used the rose petals as a decoration for my melt and pour rose soap, it came out perfectly! However, when I attempted to make rose water via steam distillation, my rose water had a foul smell (almost like pepper mixed with dirt), and I noticed that the roses were not as fragrant and as vivid in color as I would have liked. Also, I am not sure as to whether or not the rose petals were culinary grade.

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very elegant

Truly make a beautiful soap even more beautiful. The scent is good to me. I do wish there were rose buds, this would make a five star product All in all good purchase and I will buy again