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I use the scents out of the bottle

I use the scents out of the bottle, as I scent face scrub and liquid hand soap, rather than soaping bars. I received a sample as part of the triple sample special, YAY! This scent is quite pleasant out of the bottle. It seems almost equally balanced floral and citrus, and then as it dries down there is a bit of rose, light rose. I can understand how the rose could be completely missed, but a bit is there, keeping the citrus from squirting out of the bottle or the floral from floating away. It is delightful, and potent to the nose. I have dabbed the scent on tissues and let them dry and age to see how I might use this fragrance. I do love roses, but maybe would consider this where I would citrus. I think shampoo is a perfect category for this, as I imagine so would be the fizzy spheres (I'm a shower person, but tub folks would probably love this too). It makes the whole room smell happy and clean with a single tissue if you give it time. Very nice. And the scent out of bottle stays even after a few days on the tissue. I also, inadvertantly, found that it blends very well with both Rose Quartz, or with Bergamot Black Tea, wonderful and complex "experiments" on my hands. My nose was happy for hours and hours.

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Smells Amazing

This scent is so good. I used it in my cp soap. It worked great but as soon as I got it in the mold, it set up almost immediately. So it does accelerate trace but it's a slow acceleration. I see the price has changed just in the last couple weeks. Bummer, I wanted to order more.

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It's great! But it's nothing like rose

This is a great fragrance oil and performs well! Can't see how it resembles rose at all. Definitely is a citrus fragrance. Smells more like the Juicy Couture fragrance oil.

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Really surprised me in a good way!!

I cannot speak to performance yet but this one out of the bottle was a pleasant surprise!! I was expecting something really floral but I get much more citrus which I absolutely LOVE!! I know this one will be popular and will make wonderful bath fizzies and other products besides soap. A must try for sure!!

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Bobbie Dusek
Incredible scent

I just made a batch of CP soap with this and swirled gold mica through it. Worked like a champ. The smell is very unique which is what I was going for.