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Easy to soap with but...

It smells just like VS lovespell

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This was a wonderful surprise. Not too rosey, which I was worried about. It's light, fresh, somewhat citrus-y. I used it in CP soap & it has been a hit with family & friends. Will order again

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Love at First Sniff

I loved this scent. I have used it in a candle and a cold process soap. For anyone wanting more rose, I suggest adding a bit of rose as the lovely grapefruit is the top note. I added a bit of Sweet Pea to the soap, and it gave it an extra floral dimension, but I love grapefruit and also made a CP soap with it too. The candle and soap with a bit of sweet pea has resulted in a soap that I know my customers are going to love. I added 2 ounces of olive oil to the fragrance before blending, and it poured into my wooden mold with no problems like ricing, and it didn't accelerate at all. Because of the reviews, I added pink clay to the entire batch, making it a solid color, but I may try a simple swirl next time. I think this is one of my all time favorites. I love the combination of fruit with florals, almost any combination. But this one I really love. I used 2.5 ounces with .5 ounce of sweet pea in a 45 ounce mold. The grapefruit scent is just enough that I know it is there. Next time I may add another floral, just leave it plain. I love it!

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I haven't used this yet but it has a beautiful light citrus scent. Cant wait to use it

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Overwhelmingly Cirtus

OOB, I this smelled incredibly citrus-y, but I couldn't detect any rose scent at all. I figured that might smell differently in my CP soap. Nope! There's a vague floral quality to it, but nothing I can identify as "rose" at all. Those "top notes" of citrus just completely dominate the scent. Really disappointing--especially since it arrived a month late. This FO is fine if you want a citrus scent, but that wasn't at all what I wanted to needed.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi A! I'm sorry this fragrance was not what you were expecting! We love the interesting take on a rose blend our Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil has though it definitely has some bright top notes of citrus. If you're looking for other rose scents that are more heavily floral I would recommend our English Rose Fragrance Oil, Baby Rose Fragrance Oil, or for a blend the Crisp Apple Rose Fragrance Oil.