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rose quartz scent and cp soap tutorial

this scent is outstanding, fresh and floral. I made this as my 3rd ever soap making and it came out great! It and the orange energy are my husbands and my favs! I even put some of this in a roller bottle with sweet almond oil as a perfume. Great!

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SomeTyme Place
Brambleberry turns out another winner

I am impressed with this fragrance! It smells divine and sweet oob, but when I made cp soap it developed into a sophisticated scent that is phenomenal! The rose and citrus really shine through the finished product! I have also made lotion with it and had excellent results. This fragrance didn't accelerate or discolor on me- another huge bonus. This definitely deserves five stars, but it is no surprise to me because BB consistently offers the best quality fragrance oils with the best scents and best performance. I have many bottles from a competitor with mostly unhappy results. Thank you BB!

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Very Enchanting

I love this so much, I just ordered a 2nd 8 oz. Although the rose smell doesn't really come through, I do get the grapefruit and I love it! I had no problem I my CP soap with this. I added a little bit of the Energy FO to it because I wanted to give it a little punch. Smelled amazing! Like another review said it smells like Love Spell from VS. Very light.

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Love Spell

If you like Love Spell fragrance from Victoria Secret, then you will like rose quartz. It's spot on.

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This one by far my favorite! I bought it to make bath bombs for my shop. It is pure heaven. Clean and fresh. After making the Bath bombs I whipped up a quick sugar and salt sclub and body oil to take home. I will definitely need the 5 lb. I will be making a matching soap today. Thanks Brambleberry! This one is pure love!