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This fragrance performs wonderfully in CP soap!! No discoloration and the scent lasts!! Its bright and juicy and smells of pink grapefruit. It’s definitely a favorite amongst our customers.

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This FO is really nice. OOB it kind of smells like cheap punch concentrate but it blooms in soap. It has a nice femenine woodsy note that stays on the skin (light). Also very well behaved, had time for three color hangar swirl. Soaped at about 80 degrees with 72% olive oil.

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Interesting take on rose

When I first received this product, it had leaked and so the smell was very prevalent throughout the package. At first, I didn’t really enjoy the scent coming off the package that much, but as the day went on, I found myself constantly smelling my hands that made contact with the spilled FO and still had the smell of it even after washing them. I quickly learned to like this scent. I did contact customer support and they sent me another bottle but that one also spilled... I’m not sure if it’s something about this specific FO’s formula that makes it susceptible to leaking? Nevertheless, I still really enjoy this scent and made perfume out of it. It smells mostly like rose and grapefruit to me. I’d describe this FO as a bright rose and citrus blend with a touch of sweetness. The grapefruit gives it that bite that only grapefruit can. It helps to not make this rose scent too musky.

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Fresh & Lovely

A customer (and personal) fave. It's light and fresh without being overwhelming. Works well in bath bombs and CP soap--it does slightly accelerate but if you work around 100 degrees it won't do too much. Great FO.

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Too much Grapefruit

I don't like it at all. It smells like gapefruit juice. Do you mix the fragrance in advance or does somenone mix it to order? Maybe I got a bad batch? They say Brambleberry is the best for fragrance. I am going to try a couple more frangrances before I give up.