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Rose heavy strong floral

This one is very rose heavy. I tried it in a bath bomb at 2/3 my usual rate and it is STRONG. It's very pretty floral, just be careful not to over do it

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Performs Beautifully

I made the Rose Clay and Charcoal soap soap from Soapqueen and it came out BEAUTIFULLY! I even expected the FO to accelerate a little and it didn’t; in fact I had to blend the soap a bit more to thicken it up in order to have the contours for the charcoal line. I soaped around 105°, it behaved wonderfully, and smells outta this world! I blended the “Rosehip and Jasmine” with just a touch of another deeper rose FO to anchor and round it out.

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Great scent

I bought this and the White Rose FO and I really love this one. There is nothing wrong with the White Rose, but I just love the smell of this one!

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A best seller

This is an often requested scent in my soaps and bath bombs. Love it!

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SomeTyme Place
Not impressed with reformulation

When this came back in stock I bought 2 large bottles because this fragrance is my best seller. People would find my booth at the market because it smelled so good! When I used lotions I made with it I would instantly get comments on how good it smelled. I am not sure why the old version needed to be reformulated to begin with because it was perfect to smell and work with, but this new version is much lighter and lacks the strength of the old. I can hardly smell it at all in soaps, creams, or lotions. I will be curious to see how it is received when I start market next week. It may be that it will sell just fine, but in the meantime I still like the old version better.