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Good, but STRONG

This is a very deep rose scent, and is very beautiful, but it is extremely strong and overpowering! I recommend using it at the lowest possible usage, because I think most people would be bothered by the strong smell. It is a very grown up, lovely, perfumey fragrance.. just needs to be used sparingly!

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Really Great Rose Scent!

I really love this scent. It is more Rose but very lovely and not fake smelling or old fashioned. Buying more!

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Basic Rose Fragrance

Well OOB this really just smells like rose. I was a little disappointed because I thought it would have more jasmine but it's not a bad Rose smell. It behaves really well in CP. I soaped at 115, used a water discount and used a hefty amount of silk in this batch and it behaved perfectly. I actually had to wait for it. So all in all it's a nice Rose scent that behaves well.

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I'm in love.... 💞

I love this aroma so much. You definitely have to be a fan of deeper floral scents. I used this in a CP soap, and my clients didn't particularly care for it, but in a milk bath, they loved it. I use it in everything and can't get enough of it. Way to go with this blend, Brambleberry!

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Rose heavy strong floral

This one is very rose heavy. I tried it in a bath bomb at 2/3 my usual rate and it is STRONG. It's very pretty floral, just be careful not to over do it