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Just ok

I dont hate this but it is hard to mix in and does not give strong water color. When will you get lake bath bomb colors BB? Honestly micas are better and can be used in a wider range of products.

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Great Color!

I was very impressed with the color that this dye gave my bath bombs. For a recipe that makes about three large bath bombs I only needed 6 drops to get a great color that also made the water a very pretty pink once used. This is the best brand of dye I have used so far to make bath bombs and I highly recommend it.

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Pretty Pink

I make a lot of bath bombs so when I wanted a pretty pink color this is the one I choose. I'm happy I did because it's very easy to use and mixes in pretty good. Your base has to be very white for the color to really show up though. If you use natural kaolin clay that hasn't been bleached then the pink color has trouble combating the natural light brown of the clay and doesn't really end up working. I ended up ordering white clay and the color worked much better and looked great.

Verified Purchase

I recieved my shipment of Rosy Pink La Bomb, Amazon Lily Rain, and Black amber and Lavendar and also my heart shaped molding tray today and have already began the process of making bath bombs. I love how robust the scents are, and how easy the color is to use. I'll definately be ordering from here again! Thank you for such amazing products!