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Cathie H
This is a great mold!

Before you use it, be sure & check the Soap Queen how to video. It was very helpful. This is a larger bar than I expected. Easy to use, wonderful looking product. I'll be getting more 3D molds soon!

Verified Purchase
Not fit for the Purpose of moulding soaps

I had to buy these to replace the opaque backs that the dragonfly moulds came with since several of them split the first time I used them. Brambleberry were completely disinterested and unhelpful, not even willing to consider just sending the clear round part of this mould to lessen the postage to the UK ( which was over $50). I have always said that in 15 years of soap making that I have never had a bad experience with suppliers, but can't say that any more. I would suggest dealing with one of the many truly friendly, efficient and helpful firms out there who sell products that are fit for the job they were designed to do. I was forced to buy these or throw away the already expensive dragonfly moulds. But never again.Dreadful.

Reply from Bramble Berry
I’m sorry to hear this mold did not work well for you. Our customer service team has contacted you about this issue, and has replaced the damaged pieces of your mold. We truly value you as a customer, and will be contacting you again to try to come to a better resolution because your satisfaction is extremely important.

Verified Purchase
Was very Unhappy

After seeing this mold advertise on youtube I thought that this would be the perfect mold for my soaps for a more professional look. However on the youtube video that I saw , the mold use was used with two clear molds and not the clear in the front and white in the back, which I order. After one use of this mold the white part of the mold broke, every single one of them. I spend over $80.00 just to have broken molds. I brought 10 of these molds, however I end up using the clear parts which are very sturdy and attaching those two together which means now I only have 5 of these 3d molds that I can use. I am very disappointed and feel that I should either get my money back or bramble berry should replace my molds that are now in the dump. SIGHS