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Soaps for Sensitive skin

I am assured that the entire product is made from the 100% natural things. It made my skin glowing. I loved it so much. Use it and love it like me. And also Try this goat milk product for sensitive skin. Soap for sensitive skin

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Husband finally changed soaps

I'm very new to this hobby. My husband if 46 years has as far as I can remember only used a certain brand of soap. I made a large hear-shaped goats milk M&P next to his usual one in the shower and he finally used it. Now he raves about the rich lather and how clean he feels. Love it. Brambleberry, I sing your praises to all! Your customer service is wonderful and your products are great. The shipping costs are very reasonable since you ship mine to TX

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Very Consistant, Excellent Results

I have been using this MP for several years now and always with excellent results. I love the finished product. Reacts well to any botanical additions.

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Excellent as Always

I've never had a bad experience with Bramble Berry and this was no exception. I would suggest this site over all the others I've found for great quality, low price bulk soaps like these. I use them as is; I'm allergic to the cheap perfumes that many soaps have. I chop these up into smaller bars and use them everyday!

Love this Soap

It has much lather, and is a very creamy soap, my customers just love it! I buy the 25# block and sometimes the soap is in the bag but it is easy to pull out, if you pull it out gently. I cut the portion I need and put them into separate bags for easy cutting, then keep the block in the main bag it came in. Keeps it fresher. I have a lot of awesome reviews on this soap, and I hope Brambleberry never stops making it!