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Great Soap Base

I've used a couple other bramble berry soap bases, but this is by far my favorite. Very gentle and skin softening. Perfect for adding ground walnut shells. Love it!

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Nerdtastic Craftations
Super Creamy

I've been running a small soap business for a few years now, but this past year my products have started to get really popular, so I decided to invest in higher quality ingredients. This soap is amazing! It is so much smoother, leathers well & leaves NO residue on your skin. It's incredibly creamy & makes my skin so soft I no longer use lotion. Even my kids noticed the difference when they used it. My customers liked my soaps a lot before, but now they LOVE them.

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Excellent soap base

i have been using this soap base for 5 years, my customers love it. However, I do not like the new pacjkaging change from the he smaller logs to the solid 25# block. The plastic is dried inside the soap block and it's hard to cut.

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soap is always damaged

I love This soap base but I don't understand why it always has to arrive with plastic ripped off and dirt embedded in the soap base? I don't think I should have to cut off dirt to even be able to use the product. Need better QC protocol.

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Quality Base

I love this base! I make melt and pour soap with activated charcoal and it works really well with this base! Holds color and scents really well, and doesn't really sweat as far as I've seen ! Really happy with this product and I've already ordered it again. Great for cute melt and pour soaps.