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Love this one. I was sad to hear it wont be carried anymore. It is a scent for a staple in my product line. :( finding something close and just as wonderful will be hard. Works well in CP and MP. No problems at all.

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Quite oddly smells like DEET & other chemicals!!

I am donating & getting rid of my 2 oz bottle of this fragrance oil because it smells like DEET, Alcohol & some sort of vehicle oil. I would never use this in my homemade soaps because they would smell like chemicals instead of Saffron & Honey. I would not buy again or reccomendit to anyone unless they like the smell of DEET or want their products smelling like chemicals!

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Lovely scent -- but not saffron

I work in a Mediterranean restaurant, and the owners are Iranian and cook a variety of Persian foods with saffron, and I have fallen in love with the smell. There is one particular dessert dish, shole zard, which is made with saffron and rose water, and I was really hoping to make a soap that smells reminiscent of that by mixing this and a rose fragrance. However, the scent is much more along the lines of honey and hay than honey and saffron. And while saffron DOES have some hay-like qualities to its scent, they definitely are not interchangeable. So a little disappointed that the fragrance is not what I expected... however, it is a wonderful scent in its own right.

Just ok

I really wanted to like this scent. But I just can't get there. I can't put my finger on it, but there is just something about it that's rather sharp on the nose up front. It smells almost identical oob as it does in cp soap. I also tried combining it with Yuzu, hoping I would like it better, but I still don't care much for it.

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Glad I took the chance

Out of bottle, this isn't what I was expecting, but that is definitely not a bad thing! This scent has so much going on - there's a warm, almost smoky base note, with a sweetness coming out over the top. As another comment mentioned, it's a scent that people are always intrigued by. I mixed it 2:1 with Orange Blossom, and I like it even better - the orange blossom's "brightness" tempered both the smoky Saffron note and the super-sweetness of the honey. Will definitely be buying this one again!