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I made bath bombs today and accidentally grabbed this bottle instead of Lavender and Chamomile. It was a very good mistake. This fragrance is soft and mellow, I think it reminds me of creme brulee. Too bad this is being discontinued. It's really very nice.

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Great Global Chic Scent

I purchase this from the name alone and read the feedback afterwards. I was prepared to hate the scent based on the reviews. This is an amazing scent that is global and very grounding

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Like it or hate it

This FO gave me headaches every time I would come close to it. But after a long time, it mellowed down, and people actually buy it. Scents are very personal not my thing. to me it smells like an lady that put too much of an old powder. I was trying to find something reminding of indian spices, but I will try another scent for this soap.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Ginny! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite, though I'm glad it's been popular with your customers. We love the sweet blend of spices and honey rounded out with a creamy undertone. If you're looking for other exotic scents, you may like Indian Sandalwood Cybilla Fragrance Oil, Arabian Spice Fragrance Oil, or Chai Tea Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

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Love this one. I was sad to hear it wont be carried anymore. It is a scent for a staple in my product line. :( finding something close and just as wonderful will be hard. Works well in CP and MP. No problems at all.

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Quite oddly smells like DEET & other chemicals!!

I am donating & getting rid of my 2 oz bottle of this fragrance oil because it smells like DEET, Alcohol & some sort of vehicle oil. I would never use this in my homemade soaps because they would smell like chemicals instead of Saffron & Honey. I would not buy again or reccomendit to anyone unless they like the smell of DEET or want their products smelling like chemicals!