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My Current Favorite Scent!

I absolutely adore this FO. It smells very fresh and reminds me of spring, and makes a wonderful soap! Will be coming back to this time and time again.

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Unexpected Scent

While the scent is not unpleasant, I do not think it smells like lemongrass or sage. Overall, it is an artificial smell that does not fit in with the soap I had planned. But, it is still a very nice scent and will work well in other projects.

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I love the Sage and Lemongrass fragrance. It is not something that I would have tried on my own. I received it as part of one of the soap crafting club classes. I REALLY like it. Also, it has really stuck around in the CP soap. So many times the fragrances fade after a couple weeks. This one has stayed strong :).

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Everyone swoons!

Everyone who smells this in my CP soaps stops, goes back for another smell, then their face lights up. Then they go back for another, and another, and another. Absolutely amazing scent. My most popular by far among the ladies.

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Keep it coming

My customers love this one - it is a quick seller! Not exactly how I imagined it to smell, but popular nonetheless! It reminds me a lot of Kentish Rain, another goodie in the fresh scent area.