This month's featured sample is Cucumber and Kiwi. This fragrance smells like fresh crisp cucumbers, tossed with the sweetness of a ripe kiwi.  This fragrance behaves perfectly in cold process soap, with no acceleration. It does discolor tan in cold process soap.

Sea Clay Face Mask

Blend Ideas

 How to Make Cucumber Kiwi Mask:

Tools and Ingredients:

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  • Adding Aloe to Mixture
  • Mixing the mask
  • Placing in Jars

ONE: In a clean, dry container, measure and combine all the dry ingredients.

TWO: Measure out, then slowly pour the Aloe Liquid over the dry ingredients, stirring contantly.

THREE: Next, measure out and add the Optiphen ND to your mixture. This is NOT an optional step, because this recipe contains a water based ingredient (Aloe liquid) it requires a preservative to keep it safe and free from growing mold and bacteria.

FOUR: Once the entire mixture is combined, add fragrance. Because this is a product for your face, it should only be very lightly scented. We recommend between 2-6ml of fragrance, depending on your preference.

FIVE: Spoon clay mixture into 4oz bail jars, and you are ready for a day at the spa!

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