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Great Mold

Used this mold to make himalayan sea salt bars. Very pretty and realistic. Easy to unmold.

super cute

I have used these for both extra CP soap and lotion/body butter bars. Very easy to unmold, durable, and super cute. Customers love them!

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I made M&P soap with these right after opening the box. I used it along with some clear base and BBs Beach Breezes fragrance oil and super pearly white mica, and they look and smell wonderful! They only took a little bit of pressing and shaking to get out of the mold.

Verified Purchase

As a single pour, this mold is really simple to use. I like to make the sand dollars white with Pearly White color added to it but it really "pops" with a bit of Iridescent Glitter added to my MP. The soaps are very easy to release and everyone really loves how realistic they look. I've made them as guest soaps by not filling the cavity all the way and when they are made really thin, they look even more like the sand dollars we find on the beach.