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Make sure you review how much essential oil will be needed prior to ordering

I made the mistake of not calculating how much oil would be needed for making a batch of cold process soap. I thought I had ordered a half ounce of oil versus 2 ml of oil. I am very disappointed. I am only make soap at this time and unfortunately I would have to spend $60-80 on this oil to make a batch of soap. This oil smells good and this is my mistake. I am writing this review so that hopefully nobody else makes the same mistake.

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Smells wonderful!

Excited to use this in my bath & body products, but wowza that's expensive! I'm afraid to touch it since it's liquid gold, lol! Beautiful scent though.

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I love this Sandalwood

I love this Sandalwood. I did not originally like it out of the bottle, thought about if for a few hours and smelled again. Once I cleared my mind of all negativity, I was able to appreciate the beauty in the bottle. I have smelled it many times since and I really do love it. I originally bought the sample size; just received the 1/2 oz. sized bottle. I am so happy with my essential oils that I have received from Bramble Berry.

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Absolutely love it!!

I absolutely LOVE this's excellent, especially for the price...I'm not completely out but here I am, wondering which 2 out of 3 to get more of...sandalwood, rose absolute, or Roman chamomile lol (or should I finally try the German blue?) Thank you, Brambleberry, for offering ALL of those oils for a decent price without the quality being compromised! :)

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Have to Hide it!

I LOVE this. It is the smoothest EO of Sandalwood I have come across in a very long time. Everyone in the house loves it so I may have to hide it! I will update after I actually use it in M&P.