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Excellent Quality and Customer Service

I had contacted BB asking for a Vanilla recommendation that wasn't too sweet, and this was perfect! It is a very woodsy, earthy Vanilla that doesnt smell like a sugarbombed cupcake like many other Vanilla fragrances out there. It is also not overwhelmingly strong, but it is noticable and pleasant. Amazing customer service on Bramble Berry's part in helping me find a Vanilla fragrance!

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love it !!

I used this in a coconut, olive,shea body butter and it is wonderful! It came in a sample pack. I will be ordering 16oz bottle. Just can wait to use in other recipes!

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Changed Scent

I'm really disappointed over the reformulation of Sandalwood Vanilla. It doesn't smell nearly as good as it used to. Ricing was never a problem with the former Sandalwood Vanilla as long as it was stick blended in before trace. The new formulation just doesn't cut it for me, it smells very similar to baby powder/baby oil. I really don't like the new scent. This reformulation as well as the Energy reformulation were not for the improvement of the product. I'd rather pay more for an outstanding fragrance oil than one that smells cheap.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We found the reformulation of Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil to smell the same as the original version. It was reformulated because we did have issues with the earlier version ricing. If you're looking for something less powdery you may prefer the Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance Oil with some of your favorite vanilla blended in.

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I was so nervous about this bottle of fragrance, because i HATE vanilla. THIS is not vanilla just creamy and slightly spicy (in a good way not a cvs or walgreens during christmas kind of way..yuck!) sandalwood fragrance. This is much more masculine than feminine on its own, but when paired with rose OH MY! it's beautiful and so rich. Be prepared to move FAST as this FO doesn't wait around for you. I managed a simple two color plop swirl. A beautiful fragrance that i will order more of.

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Worked great in cold process!

I tested 12 different fragrances using the 12 bar mold. 5 oz each bar and Sandalwood Vanilla was our favorite! It did slightly accelerate trace, but it was not unmanageable at all. My recipe has 40% hard oils and I did not have any ricing. I soaped at 95 degrees and used the standard 33% water discount, added it at emulsification and hand stirred it in. I purchased this in December of 2015 and just used it. Hopefully the new formula works even better!