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I was so nervous about this bottle of fragrance, because i HATE vanilla. THIS is not vanilla just creamy and slightly spicy (in a good way not a cvs or walgreens during christmas kind of way..yuck!) sandalwood fragrance. This is much more masculane than feminine BUT i plan on pairing it in a unisex way with tons of peppermint, and a touch of ginger. Another keeper in my new group of soaping fragrances.

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Fantastic fragrance

Soaped @ low temp. Used recipe with lots of olive & canola oil. Worked wonderful had no problems with trace acceleration. Can't wait to use this!!

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Absolutely love this FO

This is not a scent I usually carry but I had a client custom order it for party favors and it is now my favorite. It did accelerate pretty fast but it wasn't unmanageable. It hit gel stage very quickly after I poured it into the mold and the top puffed up an split. After some stirring it settled down nicely. I would suggest not insulating the soap after molding, I think he extra heat is what caused the bubbling. Might try doing a stick blend hot process next time I use this scent because of he fast gel time.

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Amazing Blend!

The sandalwood/Vanilla Fragrance Oil happened to be on sale when I ordered. When it arrived it quickly was added to my list of must use ASAP. The subtlety of the fragrance is amazing. It would be great for a unisex soap, room spray, or nearly any scented product. Thanks again, Brambleberry for making this one happen.

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Joeana M.
Such a great balanced blend.

I'm not a fan of woodsy scents or strong vanilla. This has made me change my mind, it's not overpowering & it's the perfect blend, not sure how they do it but Bravo! This works for a man or woman in bath bombs. This smells awesome.