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Just used this for the first time. At first all I could smell was the sweet, but after pouring the fragrance there is a definite piney scent which I really like. Did not accelerate at all, but I was surprised at the bright canary yellow it turned my white soap. Even with the TD it's very yellow. I hope it lightens as it cures?

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Bad Batch?

This one got good reviews, so I must be missing something. Is it possible to get a bad batch of an FO? I tried this one in CP and MP. Both soaps smell awful! Family members describe it as "wet dog" or "spoiled milk." I think it smells rancid. I love BB FO's, but this one is horrible.

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Perfect Christmas smell

I just made a batch for Christmas using this fragrance. It did discolor slightly yellow, so my white isn't quite white, but still very beautiful. The colors almost look antiqued :) It smells amazing! Hope it lasts in the soap. It behaved very well leaving me plenty of time to play with design and swirl. I will definitely purchase more!!! THANK YOU BB

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Great fragrance! Top Seller for Me!

I've made many many batches of soap with this fragrance. It is one of my top 3 sellers consistently, year-round - I gave my soap a non-holiday name. It does discolor the soap a bit, mine has a yellow-orange tint. While I've never had problems with acceleration with this fragrance, I do have some issues with soap cracking at higher temperatures with it, so I have to watch that. I always hear the comment of how good this makes the bathroom smell!

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Any time of year

I Love this scent. For me it is not necessarily a traditional Christmas scent, I use it all year long. I renamed my soap Winter Pear, for some reason that is what I smell and it sold better that way because a lot of my sales are online and they can't smell it in person, I found that most of the people I sell to don't want a scent that is limited to Christmas. This is a perfect fresh winter smell that you can use long after Christmas has come and gone !!