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This should not be used for cutting. It is so dull. Had to buy another one from a local store. I love all other products I've bought from here. Just not this one. Sorry.

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good cutter

I am new to soap making and starting with melt and pour. I was concerned about this purchase after reading other reviews stating that this was too dull to cut melt and pour. I found it to be just fine. The 'blade' is fairly thick - not really a blade, but a blunt cutting edge. That said, it was not difficult to cut the soap base with this. You may not be able to cut clean, straight bars for sale with this unless you have loads of practice. But for my personal soaping pleasure, it works great and is not sharp, so my kids can't grab it and cut themselves.

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A safe alternative to a knife

I use this with M &P soap and couldn't be more pleased. Yes, it's nowhere near as sharp as a knife, but to me that's its chief virtue. No worries about being cut! I find the wooden handle very easy to use too, and quite comfortable. I wouldn't be without it

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Dull Blade

I purchased this product in hopes of cutting my melt and pour soap. I found it difficult to use, as it is extremely dull. It comes in handy for scraping flat surfaces, but not for cutting soap. I will have to find a way to sharpen it, or I will have to repurpose it for something else. The crinkle cutter works so much better, and upon side-by-side comparison, I noticed the crinkle cutter's blade to be a tad thinner than this one. I'm just starting out with soaping, so maybe I'm doing it wrong... But, I do know I get better results from my crinkle cutter.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sara! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this product. We love our Scraper/Cutter and find it works wonderfully for scraping soap off the table or cutting up a cold process soap! Melt and Pour Soap is super hard, making it more difficult to cut. We recommend using a sharp, non-serrated knife for cutting MP instead of this cutter, as noted on the product page.

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Good enough

I use this for all my melt and pour loafs. It gets the job done. I wouldn't say it is super sturdy, the wooden handle on mine has loosened a bit from using it and it isn't perfectly straight. As long as I watch the angle I cut at it woks fine though.