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Bobbie Dusek
Smells incredible!!!!!

First of all I made a batch of CP soap with this today and followed recommendation of everyone and it still riced and accelerated too quickly to smooth it out. I started adding scent at light trace. I’m going to try it one more time because it smells so good.

Verified Purchase
A Dupe I've Been Searching For!

I haven't soaped with this yet but one whiff out of the bottle and I immediately knew this scent - it is almost an exact replica of Botanicals by Naturistics. Sadly, they are no more and I have been hoarding old bottles of their perfume oil for years. This will definitely be a new staple for me in soap, scrubs, perfumes and lotions. I'm over the moon for this one!

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Beautiful scent

I have used this FO in cp soap, body butter, bath bombs and room spray. All fantastic! No acceleration or discoloration. I love it and so do my customers.

Verified Purchase

Smells amazing, soaped well for me in CP. The finished soap smells absolutely amazing. I'm in love with this fresh, and kelpy scent. Perfection!

Verified Purchase
Excellent scent

I have used in both m&p and cp and it was well behaved. The scent holds very well and customers love it.