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Sea Moss

This fragrance is just wonderful. Blended it with Grapefruit Bellini such a good blend. Was an instant success!

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Wonderful smell, difficult to work in CP soap

I absolutely love this smell; it is so pleasant! But it moves so so fast in CP soap. I knew about and I was ready to work fast, but it was an immediate seizing, didn't even have time to put the spatula down! However, i was able to soften up the gooey mess with my stick blender, enough to make it a thick pudding consistency that could be poured. Forget about any kind of swirl or pattern in CP, stick to layerin, I would say that's about all you'll be able to do. But I love the smell so much, I will certainly use it again.

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OH. My. Goodness!

Wow! I love this scent by itself, but I decided to get the courage to finally mix a couple of scents together, and the results are phenomenal. I mixed Sea Moss with Kentish Rain, and while their fragrance profiles are fairly similar, the both of them together created THE most fabulous scent. Crossing my fingers that the fragrance holds in my CP. It moved a little fast, but I was ready for this. I was still able to do a beautiful four layered bar that moved from aqua blue to a light green. This bar is called Malibu.

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Cathie H
Yes, it is a speedy one in CP soap!

But, as another reviewer said, you can stir it smooth. Just don't panic! I was thankful I remembered about stirring. Yes, it does discolor. But, yes, it is an amazing fragrance & worth the challenge!

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I love this smell!

I didn't know what to expect really but the description sounded interesting. I can't describe the scent but it is enticing- earthy with sweet undertones. I am just about to make scented tarts with it and can't wait to burn them.