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Interesting Fragrance

This is definitely an interesting fo. OOB it is unpleasant; once it was added to the soap it got better. I expect it to continue getting better as it cures. I cannot identify it. This fragrance is definitely a matter of personal preference. It is definitely not my favorite. But if you are put off by the OOB scent, please try it in soap; it may surprise you. You just might love it.

I thought it was gross at first.

I got this as a sample last month. The first whiff was off putting. I thought there was some funky note to it that I just couldn't describe. I just made some the melt and pour seascape soap and used this. It smelled so much better once I mixed it in the soap itself. It became more floral and I could definitely pick up the sea salt with hints of seaweed. It is a very clean scent. I prefer it to Midnight Waters, actually. But, I just washed up from making my soap and my kitchen smells fresh and clean.

My Favorite

I was surprised at all of the negative reviews because this is my favorite scent from BB so far.

Cassandra W.
Dear Gods No

This fragrance is awful. I got it as a sample, which is just as well, because I’d have been pissed if I’d paid for it. It’s absolutely awful. Kelp, rotting seaweed,

Horrible scent

Does not smell like sea salt or ocean fragrance at all. Smell is very repulsive, like rotten slimy melons. Disgusting.