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Verified Purchase
New favorite

I used this fragrance in a salt scrub with sea salt and Himalayan Salt. It sold out the first day!

I actually LOVE this fragrance.

I used this with a coconut oil CP soap with pink himalayan salt. It came out great! I only messed around with a tiny batch with sample bottle but they are my favorite bars of soap! The scent holds amazing and really transforms in the soap! I was not a fan oob! The after wash scent is such a clean scent too. I just love it. Going to order a bigger bottle!

Verified Purchase
Love it.

I was pretty skeptical when I got this as a free sample, and the first smell was not my favorite, but I tried it with one type of M&P and it snells fresh. I added Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils for a specific line I have and it has become a best seller. I will keep buying this as long as its available.

Interesting Fragrance

This is definitely an interesting fo. OOB it is unpleasant; once it was added to the soap it got better. I expect it to continue getting better as it cures. I cannot identify it. This fragrance is definitely a matter of personal preference. It is definitely not my favorite. But if you are put off by the OOB scent, please try it in soap; it may surprise you. You just might love it. Update: I still don't care for this fo, but I took it to a craft show recently. Of the 3 bars using this fo 2 separate people each bought 1, and a 3rd loved it and strongly considered purchasing it. I had some of my personal favorites on the table that no one even bought. It just goes to show even though you might not love a fragrance others will, and this is one of those fragrances.

Taylor Hildreth
Give it a chance

I'm surprised at the amount of negative reviews for this fragrance. I got it as a free sample, and wasn't sure what to think of it at first. Funny thing is, I kept finding myself going back to sniff it and it got more complex and almost sweet each time. To my nose, the slightly salty seaweed is first, then you get hit with the sugary cucumber-melon scent with a hint of some sort of floral; it's almost a cotton candy sort of smell. It finishes off with just a touch of a clean linen or fresh air smell. I was describing the scent to people as summer on the boardwalk. I just got done making a 2lb loaf and my whole kitchen smells sweet and clean. Definitely going to buy a larger bottle.