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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sweet & Soapy Strawberry Pie 

Our 3rd Annual Soap Weekend Intensive was just this past weekend and while we could only accommodate 12 lucky participants to spend the weekend with us in Bellingham, we know that there were many more that wanted to (according to our giant waiting list).

To help make up for this, we thought we'd share one of the many creative projects that were taught. This is Erin Pikor's Strawberry Pie Soap. Erin is the owner of Naiad Soap Arts and one of the most creative soapmakers we know.

Strawberry Pie soap


Tools and Packaging:

First Steps


1) Make a deep pink color with 12 oz white m&p soap base and the non-bleeding red color and pour into the brownie pan. Once set-up, remove and cut into small, irregular chunks with the crinkle cutter.


2) Make a warm toasty soap layer with 8 oz. white m&p soap base, 6 to 8 drops liquid yellow oxide, and 2 to 3 drops liquid brown oxide. Pour into the brownie pan and when set-up remove. Using the crinkle cutter, cut into diagonal strips and set aside.


How to Make Strawberry Pie Soap


3) Melt clear m&p soap and cool to 120F. Pour a shallow layer into the brownie pan and work quickly to layer in every other toasty strip, being sure to spray frequently with rubbing alcohol. Pour a little more clear soap then layer the rest of the strips, making a criss-cross pattern.


How to Make Strawberry Pie Soap

4) Melt about 16 oz. clear soap and add Merlot Mica, Strawberry Seeds, and scent with a blend of Strawberry and Almond Biscotti fragrance.


5) Spray the lattice with rubbing alcohol and pour some of the strawberry soap in. Then generously sprinkle your pink soap chunks (spraying everything furiously with rubbing alcohol) and pour the remaining strawberry soap over the top. It's o.k. if a few pieces are sticking out.


6) Once your soap is completely set-up, pop out of the mold and cut into little pieces with the daisy cutter. Hurrah! Cute soap!


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