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I'm making Christmas soap for my fall shows, and I used this mica along with red and white in a CP soap made with BB's swirl quick mix. Within minutes of swirling the soap, the green turned an ugly shade of brown. A few hours later it was dark purple. This is DEFINITELY not going to go over as a Christmas soap. I wish BB would warn us if a mica isn't color stable. I also used Moroccan Mint F.O., which has no vanilla and promises no discoloration, so I'm sure it was the green mica. The red and white look perfect.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
The version of the product you are using is not the current formulation. In our testing the Shamrock Green performs well in Cold Process Soap.

Verified Purchase
Be Aware

We have been using this Mica powder for years. It's amazing for what it does, but NOT if yo want green. It's an amazing, morphing color that does cool things when you need something bright. We use it in a Native American soap and it does just what we want it to, but most would be HIGHLY frustrated. It morphs into pink or purple and rarely stays green. If you want something very pretty and slightly unexpected, this is wonderful!

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
That should not be happening. Customer service has contacted you directly to troubleshoot.