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Perfect for men & women

I bought this scent after reading the reviews and wanted to use it in my cp goat's milk shave soap. It's excellent. I don't think it's too manly. I actually think it almost smells like the old time shaving cream which is totally what I was going for. I'm super excited to see how my soaping friends like this scent. I love it.

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Perfect scent for manly men:)

My H wants nothing to do with picking scents for his soaps etc, but THIS one he specifically asked for in his deoderant and soaps (he used to use Irish Spring back in the day until I made soaps). He asked for 3 to 1 ratio of Shave and a Haircut to Cold Water. He LOVES it!...I have to admit, I'm drawn to it as well. I believe the younger generations of males may feel it a bit old fashion smelling, but any number of additions, like cold water, cucumber oak, champagne would thin out the old fashion and boost the awesome. :D

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Not my fav but it’s nice

This scent is nice. It’s just not a winner for the guys around me. Behaved beautifully in my cp soap, no ricing or acceleration. The scent persists through curing and beyond. Unfortunately, I know this all to well since no one likes the scent enough to purchase the soap.

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Mrs. A
Fresh & sexy!

I can certainly see why this is a top seller & a favorite among men! Heck, I even love it, so I really see this appealing to ladies as well! It's just such a fresh, clean scent! I've purchased other "Barber Shoppe" type fragrances from other suppliers, but they all tend to smell like knock-offs of Barbasol shaving cream to me. Not this one! It still has that freshly shaven smell, but is in a class of it's own! Used this in a shaving soap with a bit of bentonite clay, & already my husband has snuck off with a bar before full cure! I keep telling him it's not gonna last as long, or be as bubbly or mild than if he'd just be PATIENT, but he doesn't care! He loves the scent, and I love it on him! Each morning before he kisses me goodbye to leave for work, I'm left with that wonderful lingering aroma! If you haven't purchased this FO yet, I highly recommended! It's bottled seduction!

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Shave and a Haircut

Best seller for men. Can't keep it in stock. Men love it!